Is your law firm protected?

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You most likely have home insurance to protect your house and all contents … but do you also have this type of protection in place for your law firm?  Whether your firm rents office space or owns its own building, office insurance can protect your assets and your livelihood.

Lawyers Financial Office Insurance has been designed to meet the specific needs of law firms. It includes valuable coverage* options including cyber liability, crime and fraud coverage, employee theft and umbrella coverage. This quality and extremely competitive-priced insurance is available completely online. You can get a quote, purchase and finalize your policy – all in a few simple clicks. 

Your business has many assets including computers, office equipment, valuable papers (yours and your clients’) and resource libraries, all which need to be protected from potential risks. Such risks can include water damage from a burst pipe (yours or perhaps from a neighbouring office), fire damage or an electrical surge. In the event of a disaster you may need to temporarily move to another location/office. Business interruption insurance, included in your policy, will look after relocation costs as well as cover loss of earnings until you are back in business. 

Cyber liability is a hot topic these days and rightfully so. Electronic security breaches are happening on a more regular basis and no one is immune. Network security and Privacy Endorsement Coverage on a sub limited basis is available within the plan and higher limits may be purchased. Coverages vary and can include privacy violation, cyber extortion, and crisis management.  

General liability coverage protects you and your firm in cases such as a suit for damages due to a visitor’s slip and fall and can be extended to include damage to a leased vehicle, up to a specific sub-limit. 

Another valuable benefit included in this policy is crime coverage. It covers employee dishonesty (theft), loss of monies and securities both inside and outside of your premises. Coverage can also include the costs associated with a loss due to forgery or alteration of cheques, currency fraud, computer fraud or fraudulent transfer instructions.   

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*Always review your policy wording to fully understand what is and isn’t covered. 

Lawyers Financial Office Insurance Plan (the “Plan”) is underwritten by Arch Insurance Canada Ltd (“Arch”).  Lawyers Financial insurance plans are sponsored by The Canadian Bar Insurance Association (CBIA). Lawyers Financial is a trade mark of CBIA and is used under license by Arch, Dion Insurance Program Management Inc. (“Dion IPM”) and Hunters International Ltd (“Hunters”). Dion IPM is the Plan manager and Hunters is a licensed insurance broker for the Plan.

March 16, 2018