No matter the situation, we can help you be ready.

For 40 years, we’ve been providing insurance products designed to meet the unique needs of lawyers, firms, families and employees at unbeatable rates.

Our innovative insurance plans reflect our deep understanding of your profession, your business and the pressures facing you every day. 

CBIA/Lawyers Financial is a not-for-profit corporation and we can set our rates with a goal to break even. If plan performance is better than anticipated, we return the money to you and all of the other eligible certificate holders in the form of lower rates, improved benefits and returned premiums.

Your local Lawyers Financial Advisor can show you how to select the right combination of coverage for today and your options for adjusting coverage down the road. We can also help you combine insurance coverage with our full range of investment solutions to help you create a complete and balanced plan for now and the future.


Lawyers Financial products and plans are sponsored by The Canadian Bar Insurance Association (CBIA). Lawyers Financial is a trade mark of CBIA.