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Owning your own practice or working on a contract basis should never be a barrier to obtaining the health and dental benefits that employees of large organizations often take for granted. 

We know that you want the best possible coverage at the most affordable rates for you, your family and your staff while you’re practicing and well into your retirement years. 

That’s why we structured a plan that meets your needs while you’re in business and long after you’re retired. 

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Our extended health coverage with optional dental benefits is easy to obtain and includes benefits such as prescription drugs, paramedical services and hospital services. 

Your risk of illness increases as you age and this is reflected in your premiums. Some plans allow you to pay a level premium by charging you a much higher premium now and then using part of this money to offset your increased risk in later years. However, we take a different approach. We believe you should pay a premium that reflects the risk you present to the insurer today, not tomorrow. So, as you age, premiums gradually increase. When compared to most level premium health care plans, the cost of owning CBIA/Lawyers Financial coverage can be much less over your lifetime.

Your local Lawyers Financial Advisor can help you select the best plan from our three innovative options.   

HealthProtect Plus is our most robust coverage option and rewards your good health. It’s available to applicants 18+ and their dependents who provide proof of their good health.

Health Protect offers a basic suite of benefits to anyone over the age of 21 and does not require proof of good health.

HealthProtect Retiree offers health coverage with the option of dental benefits to people over 50 who have lost their group coverage due to age restrictions or retirement. Not everyone has the same protection needs, so we offer two levels of coverage. 


Health & Dental Plan Details

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A Lawyers Financial Advisor can answer your questions and design a plan that meets your needs.

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Extended Health Care and Dental insurance underwritten by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife). P.O. Box 670, Stn Waterloo, Waterloo ON N2J 4B8