Accident Insurance

As a lawyer, you may have experience dealing with the consequences of accidents. You know that they can happen at any time and instantly transform lives. 

Adding our very affordable accident insurance to your umbrella of protection is easy and it provides additional protection in the event you suffer any of the specified losses covered by the plan. 

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Accident Insurance is recommended as a valuable addition to an appropriate portfolio of Term Life, Disability Income and Business Expense Insurance. Its greatest benefit is that it can provide additional funds in the event of a fatal accident or, in the event of a non-fatal accident, funds which could be used towards retraining, home renovations to accommodate wheelchairs, nursing care or for any other necessity.

Your Questions Answered

As an affordable add-on, Accident Insurance is an easy way to strengthen your plan and protect yourself from the things you can’t control.  

Here are some of the questions our Lawyers Financial Advisors receive from your fellow professionals. 

Who is the beneficiary of my coverage in the event of a fatal accident? 

You can name anyone as a beneficiary on your policy. That person will receive the sum insured in the event you die accidentally. Benefits for all other losses covered under this plan would be payable to you.

How much coverage can I buy?

You may purchase up to $500,000 of Accident Insurance in units of $10,000. Your Lawyers Financial Advisor can help you choose an amount that complements the other policies in your insurance plan.  


Accident Insurance Plan Details

A Lawyers Financial Advisor can answer your questions and design a plan that meets your needs.

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