Ready, set. It’s not easy to beat the market. Even professional investors manage that feat just two times out of 10.1 The thing is: you don’t have to beat the market, you just have to reach your goals. And you’re more likely do that by making regularly scheduled purchases into a diverse mix of cost-effective investments, like ETFs, and giving them the time and space they need to grow. 

Invest your money, not your time

Take the most time-consuming aspects of investing—researching stocks, building a portfolio, monitoring its performance—and leave all that to Qtrade Guided Portfolios' team of ETF experts. 

Start with a quick questionnaire (What are you saving for? How much risk are you willing to take?) and Qtrade Guided Portfolios will match you with an ETF portfolio that meets your needs. With their fully automated investing service, Qtrade Guided Portfolios manages your investments so you can focus on the finish line.

What you can expect from Qtrade Guided Portfolios:

  • A professionally managed ETF portfolio designed to reflect your goals and circumstances
  • Automatic rebalancing, which keeps your investments lined up with your long-term goals, no matter how the markets turn
  • Regular reporting so you can keep track of your progress


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Your investments with Qtrade Guided Portfolios may be just one part of your financial plan. Talk to your Lawyers Financial advisor about how your Qtrade Guided Portfolios investments fit into the broader picture. Don’t have an advisor? Find an advisor now


Source: 1. Forbes, “Beating the Market is Simple But Not Easy,” September 2020. The article cites research by Vanguard that found that only 18% of active mutual fund managers beat their benchmarks over a 15-year period.