Managed Funds

For investors who recognize that saving for your future is a marathon, not a sprint

It’s your race but you’re not alone. Marathons hire professional pacesetters to run perfectly even splits and inspire other runners to hit their targets. Wealth advisors do something similar: a wealth advisor is a professional guide who can keep you motivated (one payroll contribution at a time) and on pace to reach your long-term financial goals. 

Managed funds can help. Managed funds are available through Lawyers Financial wealth advisors and provide you with a diverse mix of underlying investments. In partnership with TELUS Health and Canada Life, we offer a curated menu of 24 solutions representing every major asset class, from global equities to Canadian bonds. These solutions have all the diversification of mutual funds or ETFs, plus a death benefit that makes it easier to pass on wealth to your beneficiaries.

The right funds – and the right advice—can help you cross the finish line on time and on target.

How to get started

Book a meeting with a Lawyers Financial wealth advisor. Together, you’ll review your goals, timeline, and tolerance for risk, and your advisor will recommend a diverse mix of managed funds that are right for you.

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Managed funds from Lawyers Financial are issued by The Canada Life Assurance Company or its subsidiaries and administered by TELUS Health (Canada) Ltd. Lawyers Financial programs are sponsored by The Canadian Bar Insurance Association (CBIA). Lawyers Financial is a trademark of CBIA and is used under license by TELUS Health (Canada) Ltd. and The Canada Life Assurance Company.