CBIA/Lawyers Financial Staff give back at Lawyers Feed the Hungry

Lawyers Financial staff

On Wednesday April 11th, a dozen representatives from CBIA/Lawyers Financial, including the President and the Vice Chair of our Board of Directors, served dinner to over 200 people in need in downtown Toronto. We thought we were do this to help those less fortunate, and while we did, each of us benefitted from the experience immensely. Interactions with meal guests were upbeat, interesting and very friendly. It was a very important reminder that hard times can happen to anyone and that every person deserves respect and compassion.

The Lawyers Feed the Hungry Program fights hunger year-round in multiple Ontario cities. Run by volunteers, 90 cents of every donated dollar goes directly to the operations of the programs – which means more food for more hungry people. Visit www.lawyersfeedthehungry.ca today to get involved or donate.