40 years of being ready

CBIA celebrates 40th anniversary

Lordy, Lordy, look who’s etc. Like many Canadians, CBIA (also known as Lawyers Financial) has had a rebrand or two over the years, but what hasn’t changed since 1981 is our commitment to helping lawyers, their employees and their families protect what matters most. 

If it’s been a while since you’ve connected with us, you might be surprised to learn what we’ve been up to on your behalf.

“We started with just two key products,” says CEO, Dawn Marchand, “life and health insurance.” Now we sponsor home and auto, cyber coverage, robo-advice, and the type of guaranteed retirement income plan most Canadians haven’t seen since the last century. “This isn’t your parent’s insurance company,” says Marchand, “but we do offer your parents’ pension plan.”

All for lawyers, not for profit

“We’re in a unique position to serve the needs of lawyers,” says Marchand. “As a not-for-profit organization, we can stay laser-focused on doing the right thing over the long term.” Doing the right thing means sponsoring the legal community’s first defined benefit pension plan. It means hosting a series of webinars to empower lawyers with financial education. And it means negotiating rates and products with insurers to ensure our clients get relevant benefits at the most competitive prices. 

“Last year was tough for many Canadians, but in spite of this, insurance should be reliable and rates should be predictable. That’s our mandate,” says Marchand, “and that client-first approach will never change.” 

Lawyers serving lawyers

CBIA has always been run by lawyers for lawyers. “Our volunteer board of directors comprises lawyers who have many years of service in their chapters of the Canadian Bar Association,” says board chair, Morris Chochla, a veteran litigator who sees his participation on the board as a way to help shape the future of the industry. “We appreciate the needs of lawyers across Canada, at every stage of their career. Our board is made up of lawyers with real-world experience. This is what keeps us grounded and singularly focused on our mission to support the profession.” 

We’re just getting started

The article you’re reading (thank you, by the way) was this close to not being written—not because we’re not proud of what we’ve done, but because what we do isn’t about us. We believe law is a noble profession, a calling. For forty years and counting, our mission has been to help you prepare for your future, so you have more time to do what you do best. 

“Our tagline is ‘Be ready,’” says Marchand. “Everything about that is future-focused. We’re tremendously proud of what we’ve accomplished, but everything we do is about helping lawyers, their families, and their firms prepare for the future with confidence and clarity.” 

Be ready. Contact your Lawyers Financial advisor to learn how we can help you build your wealth and protect what matters most.

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