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The best teams are more than a sum of their parts. Talent is a given at the highest levels of sport and finance. That’s why it’s often the specialists who make the difference between a good team and a great one.

We’ve partnered with Fiera Capital to offer discretionary wealth management to investors with $1 million+ of household investable assets. With a roster of 220 investment professionals—and approximately $161.7B of assets under management—Fiera Capital is a leading Canadian independent investment management firm.1

When you add Fiera Capital to your team, you’re investing in expertise. Expertise in traditional investments, like equities and fixed income. And expertise in alternative investments, including real assets like real estate, infrastructure, and agriculture. 

Don’t know your alternatives from your options? You don’t have to. By giving Fiera Capital the discretion to invest on your behalf, you’re teaming up with an industry-leader in the types of investments that can diversify your portfolio and manage your risk. 

Why would I recommend this experience to my peers? Peace of mind. I’m less concerned now about what happens in the stock market today or tomorrow. And I’m less concerned about what happens after I’m gone because I know the professional management will carry on.”

-Jim Lebo, lawyer, Fiera investor, and CBIA Past Chair

What can you expect from Fiera Capital? 

You’ll start by meeting with your financial planner from Lawyers Financial and an investment counsellor from Fiera Capital. At this discovery meeting, you’ll learn how Fiera works and what sets them apart. If you choose to proceed, your investment counsellor will work with you to create an investment policy statement that aligns with your goals, timelines, and priorities. This statement will guide every tactical move Fiera Capital makes on your behalf. At least once a year you’ll meet with your investment counsellor from Fiera Capital and your financial planner from Lawyers Financial to review your portfolio and track your progress.

How does Fiera Capital fit in with your team at Lawyers Financial?

Discretionary management is one part of your overall financial picture. We can help you design a financial plan that clearly defines your long-term goals. Fiera Capital can help you put that plan into action. And your team at Lawyers Financial can help you protect your family, your income, and your firm with cost-effective insurance.


ESG considerations are built into Fiera’s investment processes and into how they do business generally. ESG is shorthand for environmental, social and governance—and can include everything from a company’s attitude toward to climate change to the gender pay gap among their staff. 

Fiera Capital is of the view that well-managed companies are generally those that demonstrate high ethical and environmental standards and respect for their employees, for human rights and for the communities in which they do business.  

Fiera maintains a responsible investment policy guided by their duty to act in the best interests of their clients and their mandate to generate the best possible returns. They believe responsible investing is core to their ability to satisfy both.

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Book a pro bono consultation with a financial planner from Lawyers Financial. They’ll ask about your long-term investment goals and can arrange for an investment counsellor from Fiera Capital to join your team.

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1. Source: Fiera Capital Corporation, as at December 31, 2023.

Discretionary wealth management services are offered through Fiera Capital Corporation, an asset management firm registered as portfolio manager in all Provinces and Territories of Canada.