When you sleep, you dream of stress balls.

Gavel hanging from a string
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And other signs it’s time to boost your health & dental coverage

What ails you. It’s tough out there for lawyers who aren’t covered by group insurance. Back pain, stress, and carpal tunnel syndrome are among the most common ailments that affect office workers1, and the treatments for these ailments—things like massage therapy, talk therapy, and physiotherapy—simply aren’t covered by provincial healthcare.

Isn’t being a lawyer hard enough without having to suffer the indignities of a desk-bound human body? 

Here are five signs it’s time to invest in health & dental insurance to call your own:

1. An animal has burrowed into your lower back.

It’s fine, a bit of lumbar pain. You’ve started taking your client meetings while lying face-down on the carpet. So far, no one’s noticed, or if they have, they haven’t said anything.

2. When you sleep, you dream of stress balls.

They’re enormous, magnificent. Somehow—against all laws of physics and polyurethane—they float gently over the back lawn as you gaze upon them from your bedroom window. One looks like a gavel, but squishy. You long to be squished by it and wake up in a cold sweat. 

3. Your Amazon history is just Orajel.

Whether they originated from your morning double doubles, or from stress-eating your kids’ Halloween candy, one thing’s for sure: there are vastly more of them (bacteria) than there are of you.

4. Gradually, many things in your life are becoming less and less clear.

Literally, you can no longer read the menu. Dining out has become a trust exercise. Everything on your work computer is now bolded and in 20-point font, but it still looks like wingdings. “Have you been crying?” your spouse might ask when you come home, red-eyed. “No, just sending emails.”

5. Ever since university, when you stayed up late typing and re-typing papers about how Law can and should be an instrument for justice, there’s been a fire inside you and it burns towards...your wrist? 

A court stenographer flaunts their wrist brace. You consider making your own out of chopsticks and a sports bra.


Any of this sound familiar? We can help. Learn how the right health & dental plan—and the right advice—can get you and your desk-bound body the coverage you both deserve. 

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Source: 1. Better You, “Office worker ailments: Common health problems,” October 2021